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2019 Basics Classes


2019 Slingerland Basics Classes

IGNITE your teaching skills by taking the Slingerland Basics (SB) Class.

  • Suitable for General and Special Ed--Tutoring--Educational and Academic Language Therapy--Homeschoolers
  • 50+ hours of Explicit, Structured, Sequential, Multisensory Instructional Strategies for Reading, Spelling, Handwriting and Written Expression
  • Teaches to the Intellect of Students
  • Reading Instruction Useful within ALL Subject Areas
The Basics Class includes these major components of the Slingerland® Approach

Handwriting - Both instructional strategies and content knowledge are included in the handwriting elements of the Slingerland® Approach.
  • Importance of handwriting instruction and its relationship to written language acquisition
  • Stages of handwriting development in children and older students
  • Teaching of letter formation (and letter connections for cursive) with goal of automaticity and functional use of handwriting in written expression
  • Use of identified breakdowns in the learning process
  • Importance of integrating handwriting instruction into the teaching of reading and written expression
Reading - Both instructional strategies and content knowledge are included in the reading
skills element of the Slingerland® Approach:
  • History and development of multisensory structured language instruction (Structured Literacy)
  • Word recognition and decoding
  • *Activation of relevant background knowledge
  • *Reinforcement and expansion of vocabulary
  • Comprehension and Fluency
    • *Development of prosody—chunking words into meaningful phrases
    • *Syntax and grammar, phrase concept, sentence structure
    • *Effect of writing mechanics (e.g., punctuation, capitalization) on comprehension
  • *Development of integrated lesson plans using curriculum materials from the classroom
  • Relationship between oral language development and learning to read
  • Current research findings related to word id, fluency (accuracy-prosody-rate) and comprehension
  • Logic and structure of the English language as related to reading
Spelling & Written Language - Both instructional strategies and content knowledge used for integrating the teaching of handwriting, spelling and written expression are included in the spelling and written language element of the Slingerland® Approach:
  • Oral language as foundation of written language
  • *Development of lesson plans that integrate teaching of handwriting, spelling, and written expression
  • *Development of integrated language arts lesson beginning with the smallest unit (simplest) and building (with increasing complexity) toward words and words within phrases and sentences (alphabetic principle)
  • *Strategies for teaching encoding (phoneme segmentation) and spelling of regular and unpredictable words
  • Current research findings related to oral language, handwriting, spelling and written expression
  • Logic and structure of the English language as related to spelling and written expression
*Guided practice in use of these Slingerland multisensory language instructional strategies will be included as time permits.

The SB classes are also approved for continuing education units through the University of San Diego. These credits are not part of a degree program and are at the option of the teacher/participant. Additional units or credit may be available through a local site. Some states offer clock hours for this class. Details on clock hours will be provided at the beginning of each class.

For a list of current class dates and location, look at the "class dates & locations" tab. You will find a more detailed class description page on the Slingerland website (Classes Page). The Slingerland Class dates/location list is always being updated so please continue to check the events page on our website to see the complete list of current classes (Events Page). All classes require a minimum of 8 participants. A class may be cancelled due to low enrollment.


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